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Team Site Upgrade

After five years in our current system it’s time for a major upgrade in the tools we offer our valued fundraisers. We will carry your team data over to our new team site upon request. Please Contact Us and let us know that you would like to keep your current team on our new site. We’ll let you know where to find your page and when you’ll see the changes. Thanks for all of your amazing efforts!


Survivor Stands Up

Survivor is proud to Stand Up To Cancer to support the more than 12 million cancer survivors in the US and unite behind a common goal: to outwit cancer. This vibrant tribe, their friends and their fam ... + more

Progress Since: 08/15/2010 Goal For: 09/01/2010   GOAL EXCEEDED!
$172,320.79 $25,000.00
Captained by Ethan Zohn | 284 members

Crush Kids' Cancer - David Archuleta's Angels

Hello Archies and Cancer Warriors. Please help us in this current fundraising challenge ending AUGUST 29th. Help David CRUSH KIDS' CANCER at SU2C where the end of cancer BEGINs. All contributions t ... + more

Progress Since: 08/21/2008 Goal For: 09/05/2012   GOAL EXCEEDED!
$92,390.00 $73,000.00
Captained by pecan pie | 1169 members

The Golfweek Amateur Tour

To honor our friend and colleague, Roger Mitterling, as well as all golfers that have been touched by cancer. Golf is a great game for the opportunities that it provides, like allowing us to unite and ... + more

Progress Since: 10/04/2009 Goal For: 10/31/2013   GOAL EXCEEDED!
$70,531.50 $50,000.00
Captained by JENNIFER MCCORM ... | 43 members

VIGA's Team

JOIN US & DONATE! We have been touched by cancer thru those in our employ, our friends and family. Cancer is a non discriminatory disease, it affects us all. Please join us and SU2C no amount is t ... + more

Progress Since: 08/20/2008 Goal For: 08/29/2012   GOAL EXCEEDED!
$69,423.20 $60,000.00
Captained by Shawn Wilson | 121 members

Neal Foundation for Cancer Research

Established in 2005, the John and Michael Neal Foundation for Cancer Research was created as a vehicle to fund some of the top cancer research projects around the globe. Since inception, the John Neal ... + more

Progress Since: 07/16/2012 Goal For: 09/01/2012   GOAL EXCEEDED!
$62,530.00 $50,000.00
Captained by david neal | 7 members

DogTown CrossFit

Help find us find a cure for Cancer! In 2009, DogTown (then CrossFit Culver City run and operated by Adam, Liz and Dusty in conjunction with Focus Self Defense and Fitness) was the top fundraising af ... + more

Progress Since: 08/22/2011 Goal For: 10/22/2011
$48,417.00 $50,000.00
Captained by Dusty Hyland | 131 members

Mickey Powell P. C. Foundation

Mickey was diagnosed with P.C. in Oct of 2007, he lived a short 7 weeks and 5 days. Help us in the fight against all Cancer. Help us to save lives Please join a team and donate. + more

Progress Since: 08/29/2008 Goal For: 09/05/2008   GOAL EXCEEDED!
$39,217.05 $25,000.00
Captained by Jackie Powell | 193 members

TDC Shooting Stars Dance for a Cure

Touched by too many affected by cancer... our dancers now dance with a purpose. To end the suffering and protect each young persons future. + more

Progress Since: 12/05/2010 Goal For: 11/30/-0001   GOAL EXCEEDED!
$37,930.01 $35,000.00
Captained by Millene Michel | 8 members

Spell the End of Cancer

We want to help bring an end to cancer and have some fun in the process. We also want to remember and honor our dear friend Ann Brewster Jones, who died of pancreatic cancer in February 2010. Ann love ... + more

Progress Since: 08/04/2010 Goal For: 03/30/2013
$29,918.00 $35,000.00
Captained by Josephine Hicks | 15 members

Stand Up Metro DC!

Everyone on our team has lost someone dear to them to cancer. Some to breast cancer, some to multiple myeloma, some to sarcomas. There are so many kinds of cancer and many of the cancers do not get ... + more

Progress Since: 02/20/2011 Goal For: 12/31/2012
$28,751.00 $33,813.00
Captained by Judy Balloff | 18 members