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Phyllis, loving wife, mother, and grandmother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on Jan 23,2012 and passed away on Feb 29,2012, she was 88 years old. Phyllis was a five year Breast Cancer survivor as of Dec 2011. The last five years of Phyllis' life was very difficult as she fought breast cancer, but the love and support of her family gave her strength. During her last five years Phyllis also came to know and love a very special young man, David Archuleta. Phyllis was always too ill to attend David's concerts so her daughter and granddaughter made a request through the Twilight Wish Foundation for David to visit Phyllis at her home and sing for her. David and Sunny came to Phyllis' home, visited with her and her family and David sung "Ave Maria" just for Phyllis. Even though David was on his way to the airport to leave on his trip to the Phillipines that afternoon he and Sunny both felt they should make the visit before he left rather than wait until he returned home in one month. Six days later Phyllis fell at home and hit her head. One week later Phyllis was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and seven weeks to the day of David's visit Phyllis passed away. Jan 11, 2012 is a day that will live in our memories forever. David and Sunny are our friends for life, their benevolence and compassion for others is an inspiration to all. Many of David's fans sent their prayers and love in letters and cards, and sent beautiful hand made gifts to my mom which she enjoyed so very much. I was inspired to begin this team because of them; their generous outpouring of love and compassion for my mother gave me hope, that with all the love and beautiful people out there in the world we can support the research to find a cure for cancer so that one day no one will ever have to lose a loved one to such an insidious disease. Together we can make a difference, we can Stand Up 2 cancer and win! Let us all "Imagine" a world with no more cancer. I love you Mom :) Thank you & God Bless

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