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David Gobin: #ISurvivedCancer Because of Immunotherapy

Posted on June 29, 2015, 4:00 AM
David Gobin

When David Gobin, a retired Baltimore police officer, was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer he was told he had about three months to live. That was seven years ago. “I am one of the exceptions to the rule,” David says about defying his cancer odds. “Survival means everything to me. I am a seven-year survivor and that is seven years that I have had with my family and friends. I still have a lot of living left to do.”

The biggest challenge David says he faced during his cancer battle: staying alive. “I really tried to have a positive attitude, even when the outlook wasn’t great, I decided that I wasn’t going to die from cancer. I just needed to stay alive long enough for a cure to come along,” David remembers. “More importantly though, I had the support of my family and friends. My wife told me I couldn’t die, and I have always listened to her, so I wasn’t about to stop. She’s the one who really got me through all of this.”

For the first two years and seven months after his diagnosis David’s cancer treatments kept him alive, but failed to stop his cancer from growing. Just when it looked like he was out of treatment options, his new oncologist asked if he wanted to participate in a Phase 1 immunotherapy trial conducted by the SU2C Epigenetics Dream Team. “I had nothing to lose,” David says, “I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but it ended up saving my life.” His response to the trial, which consisted of an epigenetic therapy and then shifted to immunotherapy, led to significant shrinking of his tumor. “Immunotherapy, and that trial saved my life and the things they are doing with it in cancer research today are nothing short of incredible,” David says.

In 2012 David graciously shared his story on the Stand Up To Cancer Telethon. “My hope is that by hearing my story and seeing what research can do, people will continue to donate to SU2C. 100% of the public donations go to fund research, you can’t get much better than that!” David says. “I personally believe there will be an end to cancer, and that it’s going to come through SU2C. Their research is a big part of why I’m alive.”

Today, David’s cancer is considered a chronic disease. “I’m proof that you can survive cancer and live with it. It’s not easy, but what is?” David says. “I think that for anyone diagnosed with cancer, this is an outcome worth fighting for. You just can’t give up. Don’t give up. Never, ever give up.”

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